I am doing the Colon Cleanse and have not had any bowel movements yet. Is this normal?

The good news is you are not alone and this is normal for some people, especially women, as they seem to hold a lot more in their colons - including emotional blockages. Others have reported that the first time they did the cleanse, they didn't have a bowel movement for the first 3+ days however, they persisted and kept fluid intake very high, along with implementing some of the recommendations that you can find outlined below (and online here) and stated that when it did release, they were amazed at how great they felt.

If you continue to do the cleanse at the start of a new season, with every Colon Cleanse you do, your bowel movements will improve to the point where eventually on Day 1 of taking the Colon Cleanse, you will most likely have a movement by lunchtime. This shows that the cleanse definitely clears blockages that are hindering your nutrient absorption and will continue to work better over time, as these blockages are slowly cleared away.

Additional Recommendations
  • If you are feeling bloated or constipated, try any or all of the following suggested remedies to help get things moving.
  • First and Foremost, please be sure to stay hydrated and drink the recommended water intake, or more!
  • Massage your stomach in large clockwise motions.
  • Drink 1 litre of FRESH squeezed apple juice.
  • Have senna or pure peppermint tea to help aid the digestion process.
  • Visit a good colon hydrotherapist for a colonic or try a home enema kit.
  • If you are having trouble getting the fibre blend down try mixing it with fresh apple juice.
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  • 20-Jan-2016