VIDEO - What type of detox effects should I expect?

This will depend on your levels of toxicity you have and how your body reacts to detoxification. There is a wide range of effects that are possible and some people experience mild effects, such as a general sluggishness. Others may experience effects that are a bit more prevalent, such as headache and lack of energy. People who have very high levels of toxicity in their bodies may experience something similar to a moderate hangover. During this time, you can take solace in the fact that dangerous toxins are being flushed from your body and that detox symptoms generally begin to subside the 3rd or 4th day of your Colon Cleanse.

Drinking extra water, taking a short nap, or taking a walk can help. Soaking in a luxurious bath can also be very soothing and reinvigorating. Try these different approaches and see which ones work best for you. Your body will level off and be better regulated by Day 5, regardless of your personal levels of toxicity.

Tyler Tolman l ConsciousLifestyler
  • 21
  • 20-Jan-2016