What do I tell people when they ask me where I get my protein?

There are 3 Cultures on the planet known for their Great Physical Strength and Endurance, not to mention they are the longest living people on the planet. They have NO heart disease, diabetes, poor eyesight etc.

They are the Hunza's of Pakistan, the Vilcabamba of Central America and the Abkhasians of Russia. All three of these cultures have been researched and studied extensively. All these Cultures have very little (if any) Meat consumption in their diets. They get all the good protein they need from Fruit, Vegetables, nuts, seeds and grains.

Only in the Western Culture, will anyone ever think they need more protein... and it's why we are the sickest nations to EVER EXIST...

Do your own research and you will come to the conclusion that you have been brain washed like the rest of us by the beef and dairy Industry. They created the food pyramids and educated our teachers to teach us about the food pyramid, selling their products.

Do yourself a huge favor and Seek the Truth as the TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE!!

I have shown you the Door, but only YOU can walk through it.

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  • 30-Dec-2015