Can I drink anything besides water during the 14 days to a New You program?

To achieve the best possible results, we recommend drinking only water with the 14 Days to a New You Program. We also understand that this may be a bit challenging for some people. If you feel that you need to add other drinks, it is fine to do so if you make healthy choices. If you have a juicing machine, you can certainly juice any type of organic fruits or vegetables. Organic herbal teas can take the place of coffee in the morning. If you are unable to function without your coffee, try to limit yourself to one cup per day and use organic honey instead of sugar or artificial sweeteners. If you follow these guidelines you can enjoy other drinks and foods, during the 14 days and still get great results. It is very important, however, that you drink at least 8 glasses water per day, in addition to any other drinks that you choose to consume.